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  1. The Beijing Games betrayed the Olympic mission of peace and Human Rights, March 1, 2022, Prof. Ved P. Nanda writing for the Denver Post

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Several concurrent research projects have commenced. Papers will be uploaded upon completion.

Press Releases

  1. June 24, 2022: Prof. Harilal Patel joins ICHRRF as Treasurer

  2. June 23, 2022: ICHRRF joins the chorus of voices on International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

  3. June 17, 2022: ICHRRF celebrates the International Day of Yoga

  4. May 21, 2022: Dr. Anarkali Kaur Honaryar joins ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for Afghanistan

  5. May 21, 2022: ICHRRF condemns Human Rights violations of minorities by Taliban in Afghanistan

  6. May 13, 2022: ICHRRF recognizes May 16 as the International Day of Living Together in Peace (Vesak)

  7. May 9, 2022: ICHRRF commemorates the sacrifices of and lives of soldiers during World War II

  8. May 1, 2022: ICHRRF calls upon the US Government to prevent hate crimes against the Asian and Pacific Islander community

  9. April 30, 2022: ICHRRF releases report on ethnic cleansing of minorities in Bangladesh

  10. April 18, 2022: ICHRRF exhorts state and federal governments to strictly observe treaty obligations vis-Ă -vis sovereign Native American nations

  11. April 7, 2022: ICHRRF observes the International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda

  12. April 5, 2022: ICHRRF observes the International Day of Conscience

  13. April 2, 2022: ICHRRF observes April 4 International Day for Mine Awareness along with the UN

  14. March 27, 2022: ICHRRF officially recognizes the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide, 1989-1991

  15. March 25, 2022: ICHRRF recognizes International Day of Remembrance of Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

  16. March 24, 2022: ICHRRF observes International Day for the Right to Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and the Dignity of Victims

  17. March 20, 2022: ICHRRF embraces and endorses the call to end racial discrimination in honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21)

  18. March 16, 2022: Prof. Dr. Arvind Sharma joins ICHRRF's International Advisory Board

  19. March 11, 2022: Christina Boozer joins ICHRRF as Director of Planning.

  20. March 9, 2022: Brannon Parker joins ICHRRF as Director for Religious Policy

  21. February 20, 2022: ICHRRF expresses solidarity with Human Rights activists protesting the Beijing Winter Olympics and ethnic persecution by China

  22. February 1, 2022: ICHRRF statement on recognition of the Armenian Genocide

  23. December 19, 2021: ICHRRF conducts Hearings on Human Rights violations in Bangladesh

  24. December 6, 2021 - ICHRRF urges Pakistan to amend Islamic Constitutional and legal support for persecution of minorities on suspicion of blasphemy

  25. November 17, 2021: Professor Edward Butler Joins as an Honorary Member of the International Advisory Board of the ICHRRF

  26. November 04, 2021: Announcing the launch of Prof. Ved P. Nanda Fellowship Program For Human Rights

  27. October 20, 2021: ICHRRF's Letter to UNHRC detailing the grave situation and recommending intervention in Bangladesh

  28. October 15, 2021: ICHRRF expresses concern over continuing violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

  29. October 11, 2021: ICHRRF to host event on Indigenous Peoples at Parliament of the World's Religions

  30. September 21, 2021: ICHRRF President Dr. Adityanjee's message on International Day of Peace

  31. September 4, 2021: Rishi Aneja, Esq. Joins the ICHRRF as the new Honorary Director of Outreach for Sri Lanka

  32. July 30, 2021: ICHRRF raises awareness on World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

  33. July 27, 2021: ICHRRF raises concerns over political turmoil leading to targeted killings in South Africa

  34. July 8, 2021: Anjali George takes over as Director of Communications at ICHRRF

  35. June 20, 2021: Raksha S. Semnarayan, Esq. joins ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for South Africa

  36. June 11, 2021: Dirk Lang joins ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for Germany

  37. June 2, 2021: Hardam H. Tripathi, Esq. joins ICHRRF as Director of Legal and Policy Affairs

  38. May 2, 2021: Dr. Heshu Rahman joins ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for Kurdish Communities

  39. April 28, 2021 - ICHRRF urges the UN, the African Union, ECOWAS and ECOMOG to quickly intervene and prevent the Tigray conflict from spiraling out of control

  40. Apr 12, 2021 - ICHRRF seeks global intervention for immediate end to violence and restoration of democracy in Myanmar

  41. Apr 7, 2021 - ICHRRF calls attention to persecution of Bangladeshi Hindus

  42. Mar 26, 2021 - ICHRRF urges action to stem the rise in hate-crimes against Asian-Americans

  43. Feb 22, 2021: Brett Chapman, Esq., joins ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for the First Nations of America

  44. Feb 10, 2021: ICHRRF urges New Zealand government to change discriminatory rules against indigenous Maori culture

  45. Jan 31, 2020: Mr. Kofi Sarpong joins ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for Africa Region

  46. Jan 13, 2021: Poet Laureate Joy Harjo joins ICHRRF's International Advisory Board

  47. Dec 10, 2020: International Human Rights Day 2020