ICHRRF has its own publications department. Below are a selection of ICHRRF publications that you can buy in print. These publications are the product of academic research, field reports, public Hearings and third-party reports. Members of the public may now read these in print, gift them to public libraries, or submit these materials to lawmakers and other governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

ICHRRF Hearings Report on Human Rights Violations in Bangladesh

Since its inception, Bangladesh's non-Muslim demographic has reduced from approximately 25% to under 10% today. The genocide of 3 million Hindus during its struggle for independence from Pakistan was only the greatest unacknowledged event in this ethnic cleansing. Countless smaller eruptions of terrorism and rape have gone altogether unnoticed. On December 18, 2021, the Washington, DC based International Commission of Human Rights & Religious Freedom (ICHRRF) held Hearings on the escalating pattern of mob violence against Bangladesh's Hindu, Buddhist and Christian minorities. This followed two years of publishing regular Reports on various episodes of organized and state-abetted violence and vandalism against minorities. In particular, the country's Hindu minority has been held hostage by the state while being bled away slowly by state-sponsored or supported radical Islamist groups. This Hearings Report gives an overview of the historic and continuing pattern of the largest ethnic cleansing of the past century.