Press Release

June 2, 2021 - Hardam Tripathi, Esq. joins ICHRRF as Director of Legal and Policy Affairs

Hardam Tripathi is a U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law Attorney, admitted to practice in immigration court as an advocate and counselor in all 50 states in the Union via Federal Jurisdiction. Prior to launching his own law firm, Tripathi served as a management consultant with a Big Four firm, representing clients in matters related to strategic risk intelligence & risk management consulting in the government and public services space. Tripathi has also worked for various other small to mid-size firms in Florida, providing regulatory and policy advice to aid clients effectively navigate Federal and state government programs. Tripathi’s legal education and professional experience with stints at Federal agencies and state government, has served as a catalyst to aid clients understand the regulations, policies, and procedures related to their immigration needs. His knowledge in prior policy application and statutory interpretation, contributes to positive outcomes for clients. Tripathi devotes a significant amount of time encouraging best practices in the immigration law space and regularly meets with members of Congress to advocate for authorization of higher levels of funding appropriations related to public health initiatives that arise post-disaster in immigrant communities, and actively lobbies Congress for Immigrant Veterans who are deported post-service with Other Than Honorable discharges.