Aims and Objectives

  1. Collaborate with governmental or non-governmental organizations to contribute to a harmonious world based on universal brotherhood, cooperation, mutual respect and compassion with a focus on improving the quality of life and gross happiness of people

  2. Enable self-reliance, autonomy and right to livelihood of women and children

  3. Focus on awareness and implementation of the objectives and programs of United Nations Human Rights Charter

  4. Sponsor, publish and disseminate research and literature, papers, magazines, bulletins and books on

        • under-represented, marginalized and persecuted communities across the globe

        • preservation of natural ecology through eco-friendly policies

        • relevance of the above for increased human sensitivity and compassion

        • a solid philosophical and historical basis for polycentricity in governance and civic religion

  5. Build and guide institutions working to promote human rights of deprived, marginalized, neglected, grossly, persecuted, under-organized and under-represented people across the globe

  6. Cultivate student talent on our focus areas via the Prof. Ved Nanda Fellowship Program for Human Rights.