Press Release

November 1, 2022: Prof. Sen Nieh joins ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for the Northeast Asian region

Professor Sen Nieh was today welcomed at ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for the Northeast Asia region.

Professor Sen Nieh is a senior professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Catholic University of America, having previously served 5 consecutive terms as Department Chair. Prof. Nieh’s areas of research interests include Energy Systems, Combustion Engineering, Thermal Sciences, Multiphase Mechanics, and Environmental Engineering, and he has published 100+ scientific research papers, 1 college textbook, 1 computer code, and 7 US/Foreign patents. He is the recipient of Lectureship Award of the United Nations, Charles Karman Teaching Excellence Award at CUA, and Honorary Professorship of 6 universities in Taiwan and China.

Prof. Nieh keeps a close watch on the policies of the Communist Party of China and has been a vociferous advocate against the suppression of Human Rights in mainland China. In recent weeks, he was the featured speaker in ICHRRF's Speaking Up series, where he went into detail about the intimidation and torture of Falun Gong in the People's Republic of China. He is also a preceptor at ICHRRF's Nanda Fellowship Program for Human Rights, and recently conducted a training session on the suppression of civil liberties in China and Hong Kong.