Press Release

November 04, 2021 - Announcing the launch of Prof. Ved P. Nanda Fellowship Program For Human Rights

The International Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom (ICHRRF) is pleased to announce the launch of the Prof. Ved P. Nanda Fellowship Program For Human Rights. The objective of the fellowship training program is to provide a framework through which may equip fellows from diverse academic backgrounds to enhance their educational and scholarly experience in the area of human rights and religious freedom. In addition, we aim to provide trainees with research and communication skills necessary to understand complex, contemporary global issues of human rights, religious freedom, and hitherto neglected issues pertaining to the definition of religious, social, political rights of marginalised communities.

A detailed description of the fellowship can be found here.


· 21-35 years of age

· An enrolled Student in a University/College who has undergone at least undergraduate studies.

· The applicant must have a valid visa to be in the US. The ICHRRF does not help with immigration matters.

· Students must read the application instructions, which contain detailed information on eligibility, before applying.

Application Process

· Prospective applicants should write a cover letter and send a detailed resume along with a recent picture.

· A cover letter should include your reasons for interest in this program and your proposed project.

· Write a short essay on why you would like to be in the fellowship program (500 words).

· Two letters of letter of recommendation should be attached or sent directly to the program administrator.

· Candidates need to provide documentation of previous activities in the field of Human rights and religious freedom or similar socio-cultural activities.

· Applications will be received on a rolling basis year-round.

Deadline for submission

1 January 2022 Session: 15 November 2021

1 July 2022 Session: 15 May 2022

Applications may be submitted to

Mr Carl Clemens,

Prof. Ved P Nanda Fellowship Training Program Administrator


Kindly specify if you plan to apply for January 1st session or July 1st session.