Press Release

Apr 12, 2021 - ICHRRF seeks global intervention for immediate end to violence and restoration of democracy in Myanmar

ICHRRF expresses grave concern at the continuing violation of human rights by the military junta (Tatmadaw) and wanton killing of citizens in Myanmar. ICHRRF also condemns the hijacking of democracy in a coup in February 2021. This blatant violation of human rights under the watch of military commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing has so far witnessed the killing of more than 600 civilians. In an unprecedented unleashing of violence, at least 82 people were killed in a single day on April 10, 2021 in a crackdown by the security forces on pro-democracy protesters.

The country has seen spontaneous mass protests ever since the military illegally seized power on February 1, 2021. Ms. (Daw) Aung San Suu Kyi and the members of her National League for Democracy (NLD) party, that was re-elected to power with a massive majority in the general elections conducted in November 2020, have been detained. The elections were fair and were witnessed by international observers who found no irregularities. The military has announced a state of emergency for a period of one year. It is ironic that the Myanmar military declares itself the protector of democracy in that country and claims it will restore a popular government through new elections within a year. The military has slapped false charges of treason on Ms. (Daw) Aung San Suu Kyi, which is deplorable.

Ousted Myanmar lawmakers have urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to take action against the Myanmar military. Ms. Zin Mar Aung, who has been appointed acting foreign minister for a group of ousted lawmakers stated: "Our people are ready to pay any cost to get back their democratic rights and freedom.” She urged UN Security Council members to apply both direct and indirect pressure on the junta.

ICHRRF hopes that the global community will mobilize opinion to put an end to this mindless violence against citizens protesting for the restoration of democracy and work towards freeing democratically elected leaders. This gross violation of human rights in Myanmar has continued unabated for the last two months and must be tackled with a firm resolve before it starts turning into mere statistics that nobody cares about.

ICHRRF urges international organizations like the UNSC to take stern action in this regard. ICHRRF urges all the permanent members (P5) of the UNSC to avoid politics, remove the threat of a veto and take appropriate corrective steps so that a democratic government can be restored in that country. ICHRRF also urges that a Nuremberg style international trial be conducted to bring the military leaders of Myanmar to justice for their ongoing slaughter of innocent civilians.