Press Release

September 4, 2021 - Rishi Aneja, Esq. Joins the ICHRRF as the new Honorary Director of Outreach for Sri Lanka

ICHRRF is proud to announce that Rishi Aneja, Esq., has accepted the position of Director of Outreach for Sri Lanka. Rishi is a Lawyer based in Bengaluru, India. He has advised and appeared for various Indian and multinational corporates, renowned social media search engines and social networking platforms, digital news aggregators, public transport manufacturers, public and private sector banks and others in constitutional, civil, commercial and criminal litigation before the Supreme Court of India and High Courts in several states.

In addition, he is an active Rotarian and has been working with civil society groups. His wide-ranging passion for hobbies ranging from martial arts to philosophy, history and political affairs has shaped his multicultural worldview.

Sri Lanka is a country with long-running fissures along ethnic and religious lines with involvement from various international actors. Rishi will be monitoring, researching and publishing on this important human rights theatre.