International Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom

ICHRRF is a US-based non-profit focused on promoting human rights, religious and philosophical freedom and polycentricity through continuous monitoring, policy research and collaboration.

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Prof. Ved P. Nanda Fellowship Program for Human Rights

Recent Reports:

The Iraqi Kurdish Migration to Europe in 2020-2021, by Dr. Heshu Rahman, ICHRRF Director of Outreach - Kurdish Communities

Politically Sponsored Persecution and Ethnic Cleansing of Indo-Caribbeans in Post-Independent Guyana, by Ravindra Dev (former Member of Parliament)

South Africa in Political Turmoil Leading to Targeted Mass Killings, by Raksha Singh Semnarayan (ICHRRF - South Africa)

Armed Conflict and Massacre in Tigray, Ethiopia, by Kofi Sarpong (ICHRRF - African Region)

Nanda: The massacre in Ethiopia requires pressure from the US to remove Eritrean troops, Denver Post article by ICHRRF Board Member Prof. Ved Nanda

Recent Press Releases:

January 08, 2022: ICHRRF report on The Iraqi Kurdish Migration to Europe in 2020 - 21

December 19, 2021: ICHRRF conducts Hearings on Human Rights violations in Bangladesh

December 6, 2021 - ICHRRF urges Pakistan to amend Islamic Constitutional and legal support for persecution of minorities on suspicion of blasphemy

November 04, 2021: Announcing the launch of Prof. Ved P. Nanda Fellowship Program For Human Rights

October 15, 2021: ICHRRF expresses concern over continuing violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

October 11, 2021: ICHRRF to host event on Indigenous Peoples at Parliament of the World's Religions

September 21, 2021: ICHRRF President Dr. Adityanjee's message on International Day of Peace

July 30, 2021: ICHRRF raises awareness on World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

July 27, 2021: ICHRRF raises concerns over political turmoil leading to targeted killings in South Africa

July 8, 2021: Anjali George takes over as Director of Communications at ICHRRF

June 20, 2021: Raksha S. Semnarayan, Esq. joins ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for South Africa

June 11, 2021: Dirk Lang joins ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for Germany

April 28, 2021 - ICHRRF urges the UN, the African Union, ECOWAS and ECOMOG to quickly intervene and prevent the Tigray conflict from spiraling out of control

Apr 12, 2021 - ICHRRF seeks global intervention for immediate end to violence and restoration of democracy in Myanmar

ICHRRF Hearings:

Human Rights Violations in Bangladesh

Latest in the ICHRRF Speaking Up series:

The Armenia Genocide by the Ottoman Turkish Caliphate, by Mr. Taniel Toushakjian

ICHRRF President Dr. Adityanjee's statement at Cleveland, OH prayer vigil for Bangladeshi Hindus