Press Release

August 28, 2022: ICHRRF releases Hearings Report on Kashmiri Hindu Genocide

In a necessary step to facilitate increased awareness and commence restorative justice, the International Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom (ICHRRF) released its Report and executive summary based on the historic Special Hearings on Kashmiri Hindu Genocide, held on March 27 this year which was featured in over 70 news outlets. Several victims and survivors of ethnic and cultural cleansing testified under oath and submitted evidence of gross human rights violations and respectfully requested acknowledgement, validation, and meaningful reparations.

Today’s somber report release was done by renowned professor of International Law, Prof. Ved P. Nanda (University of Denver), who has held numerous official posts in international, regional, and national professional and civil society organizations.

Participants of today’s Report release voiced dismay over genocide-deniers complicity and silence and concern over the unintended consequences of religious extremism of all forms and from all sects, which infringes upon human dignity, rights, and religious freedom globally. They voiced appreciation, renewed faith, hope for healing, and the importance of reclaiming cultural and ethnic identity thanks to advocacy and social justice efforts. Finally, participants expressed a sense of urgency in building healthy alliances with shared consciousness to execute coordinated action in pursuing and achieving international human rights and religious freedoms for all living beings.

The ICHRRF calls upon the Government of India and the Government of Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir to acknowledge and recognize the 1989-1991 atrocities on Kashmiri Hindu’s as an act of genocide. The Commission exhorts other human rights organizations, international bodies, and governments to lead by example and officially acknowledge these horrifying acts as acts of genocide. The ICHRRF recommendations are listed in the full Report.