Press Release

March 9, 2022: Brannon Parker joins ICHRRF as Director for Religious Policy

The International Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom (ICHRRF) welcomes M. Brannon Parker as Director for Religious Policy.

Brannon Parker is a researcher, author and historian. He has contributed essays to multiple publications for over 17 years and is the author of 3 books. Born in Atlanta, Georgia (US) to a family that was party to the signing of the founding charter of the city of Atlanta, he spent his childhood growing up in Africa, India, Hawaii and Canada, developing a keen interest and familiarity with a diversity of indigenous cultures.

He studied Political Science, History and Japanese language in Honolulu's Kapiolani Community College, and went on to study Computer Network and Security Infrastructure, Electronics and Karate at the North Seattle Community College.

As Director for Religious Policy, Parker will be continuously monitoring various countries for their religious freedom policies over a period of time and advising the Board and ICHRRF's research fellows.