Thanksgiving Donation Request

Dear Friend of ICHRRF,

Giving Tuesday is the day where you can work for the betterment of human society by protecting human rights and religious freedom.  It is a day for reflection and charitable action for worthy causes. It is a time for gratitude, family values and many of the values that make human society more human! However, it is also a grim reminder of the cruel history of manipulation and ethnic cleansing of indigenous people and their culture by other human beings. 

It is in such a context that the International Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom (ICHRRF) has been devoting itself to documenting and disseminating current data, narratives, historical and philosophical lessons from ancient perennialist, polycentric religious cultures that comprise under-represented groups that have faced and continue to face discrimination and persecution.

Your support allows us to create rigorously researched reports, papers, press releases and seminars that serve as a sound basis for advocacy today, as well as become historical documents for the future. 

It is only by helping one another, by reaching outside the boundaries of their own ethnicities and traditions, that these ancient cultures can come together to form a common platform to protect their rights and cultures and shape a new world for the future.

This Tuesday, donate generously to the ICHRRF so that it is more successful in protecting and guarding the interests of vulnerable and marginalized human communities. 

Donate here.