International Commission for Human Rights and Religious Freedom

ICHRRF is a US-based non-profit focused on promoting human rights, religious and philosophical freedom and a polycentric worldview through continuous monitoring, education, policy research and collaboration.

Recent Papers:

Paganism, Polycentricity and Human Rights in the United States, April 2022, Carl Clemens, ICHRRF

Recent Media Articles:

The Beijing Games betrayed the Olympic mission of peace and Human Rights, March 1, 2022, Prof. Ved P. Nanda writing for the Denver Post

Inviting Applications Now:

Prof. Ved P. Nanda Fellowship Program for Human Rights

Recent Reports:

Report on the Hearings on Human Rights Violations in Bangladesh, April 2022, by ICHRRF

The Iraqi Kurdish Migration to Europe in 2020-2021, by Dr. Heshu Rahman, ICHRRF Director of Outreach - Kurdish Communities

Politically Sponsored Persecution and Ethnic Cleansing of Indo-Caribbeans in Post-Independent Guyana, by Ravindra Dev (former Member of Parliament)

South Africa in Political Turmoil Leading to Targeted Mass Killings, by Raksha Singh Semnarayan (ICHRRF - South Africa)

Armed Conflict and Massacre in Tigray, Ethiopia, by Kofi Sarpong (ICHRRF - African Region)

Nanda: The massacre in Ethiopia requires pressure from the US to remove Eritrean troops, Denver Post article by ICHRRF Board Member Prof. Ved Nanda

Recent Press Releases:

August 6, 2022: ICHRRF mourns the unjustified repeated use of nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945

July 30, 2022: ICHRRF calls to End Human Trafficking for World Day Against Trafficking in Person

July 18, 2022: ICHRRF raises alarm again over Islamist mob violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

June 24, 2022: Prof. Harilal Patel joins ICHRRF as Treasurer

June 23, 2022: ICHRRF joins the chorus of voices on International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

June 17, 2022: ICHRRF celebrates the International Day of Yoga

May 21, 2022: Dr. Anarkali Kaur Honaryar joins ICHRRF as Director of Outreach for Afghanistan

May 21, 2022: ICHRRF condemns Human Rights violations of minorities by Taliban in Afghanistan

May 13, 2022: ICHRRF recognizes May 16 as the International Day of Living Together in Peace (Vesak)

May 9, 2022: ICHRRF commemorates the sacrifices of and lives of soldiers during World War II

May 1, 2022: ICHRRF calls upon the US Government to prevent hate crimes against the Asian and Pacific Islander community

April 30, 2022: ICHRRF releases report on ethnic cleansing of minorities in Bangladesh

April 18, 2022: ICHRRF exhorts state and federal governments to strictly observe treaty obligations vis-à-vis sovereign Native American nations

April 7, 2022: ICHRRF observes the International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

Western and geopolitical bias in the Human Rights movement, by Prof. Nidhi Shendurnikar

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

Gender targeted war crimes and sexual atrocity

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

Polycentricity and Pagan Cultures in America, by Mr. Carl Clemens

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

International Covenants Human Rights Movement and International Treaties, by Prof. Ved P. Nanda

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

History of the Human Rights movement, by Dr. Adityanjee

ICHRRF Speaking Up series:

Human Rights violations in the Ukraine, by Prof. Ved P. Nanda

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

The USCIRF as an instrument of the US State Department, by Dr. Richard Benkin

ICHRRF Speaking Up Series:

Human Rights violations of minorities by Taliban in Afghanistan, by Dr. Anarkali Kaur Honaryar

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

Slavery in the 21st Century, by Dr. Adityanjee

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

Global Perspective on Human Rights of Policing and Security Forces, by Carl Clemens

ICHRRF Hearing:

Kashmiri Hindu Genocide, 1989-91

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

Blasphemy Laws and Violation of Human Rights of Minorities, by Attorney Hardam Tripathi, Esq

ICHRRF Symposium:

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 and Human Rights Violations by China

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

Protecting Children's Rights, by Dr. Yashodhan Agalgaonkar

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

International Covenants Human Rights Movement and International Treaties, by Prof. Ved Nanda

ICHRRF Nanda Fellowship Training:

Women's Rights and Sexual Atrocities, by Dr. Adityanjee

Latest in the ICHRRF Speaking Up series:

The Armenia Genocide by the Ottoman Turkish Caliphate, by Mr. Taniel Toushakjian

ICHRRF President Dr. Adityanjee's statement at Cleveland, OH prayer vigil for Bangladeshi Hindus